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Child crying in cot

Osteopathy for children

Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle form of Osteopathic treatment ideal for the treatment of children.
Treatment is soothing and enjoyable and can help:
  • alleviate aches and pains
  • aid relaxation
  • improve digestion problems
  • assist recovery from sports injuries  

Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children of all ages and at all stages of development.

We are happy to work with patients with specific needs, such as those with disabilities or learning difficulties.

What happens during an appointment?

The first appointment starts with a detailed overview of your child’s health history to see what might be causing their symptoms.

There may be many factors to take into account including their gestation, birth, family health history and any accidents or illnesses since birth.

We will then assess your child to see what might help.

Childrens’ skeletons are softer than adult’s and therefore we use gentler techniques to assess and treat children such as massage, stretching and cranial osteopathy. 

Children usually find treatment relaxing and will often ask to come back!

During the appointment we will discussion with you what we think might be causing their problems, what we think might help and what you or your child can do to help too.

Child neck massage
Child on an inflatable ball

Need help?

Please call today to book your first appointment or to make an enquiry.
We’re happy to discuss your child’s health with you to help you decide if Osteopathy could help.

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