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Head massage


We give longer treatment sessions than average because it takes time and care to understand each individual person’s needs. 

However, we don’t charge any more than average.

If you’re not sure whether or not Osteopathy can help you or your child we are happy to discus this with you over the telephone. 

Our charges are:

  • Initial consultation: £60.

60 – 90 minutes. Your case history is taken, tests and assessment, your first treatment and discussion of what to expect and what you can do to help yourself.

  • Follow-up consultation:£45* 

We’ll ask you how you (or your child) have been, give treatment and discuss further tips self-help methods to suit you.

    * Family Rate: £5 off each follow-up consultation when a parent and child (or two children in the same family), have follow-up consultations in the same fortnight.

    Treatment outline

    At the initial consultation, a case history is taken, examinations are performed as necessary, the first treatment is given and any exercises or precautions are explained. At follow-up sessions, there is a short interview followed by treatment (exercises and precautions are reviewed as necessary). The number of treatments required depends on how long the symptoms have been going on and how many contributory factors exist.

    Get on the road to recovery today

    Free to live your life without pain!

    That’s what we want and with our skill, expertise and support we think you can get there.

    Please call us to book your appointment today.

    Telephone: 01905 45 45 50

    Email: info@countyosteopaths.co.uk